Your Tongue Is Now A Live Grenade

by Vaudeville Remedy

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The new album from the Blues/Punk Duo, all the way from the sunny beaches of Canada.

This effort finds the boys exploring heavier territory as well as some uncharted territory but all while finding time to slip in some humour and a touch of sincerity. Some of the Bloodhound Gang influence can be found on this album as well.

Recorded at Fixed Frequency in Assiniboia, SK.
August - December 2015 by Colin Marit
Mixed and mastered by Colin Marit and Shea Drouin


released February 19, 2016

Shea - Guitars/ Bass/ Lead Vocals on "Dead Run" and "Ladykiller"
Colin - Vocals/ Drums



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Vaudeville Remedy Assiniboia, Saskatchewan

Vaudeville Remedy are a two and sometimes three piece blues rock driven punk band formed in 2009 because fuck it, we do what we want...

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I'm feeling some tension in my bones
as the blood begins to boil
don't know how I felt so good
and don't think I can do it ever again

I know what happens when you abandon all your friends
they don't seem to mind
having some trouble just trying to breathe
and I fear most of my problems wont disappear

and they say everything's my fault when the planets
don't align at night
you know the plan was to act like a man and do a little bit of good
but the whole thing just crumbled to shit
yeah just let me break down and quit...
Track Name: Adhesives
We are the glue
That somehow sticks to you
Despite the moral fabric
Located in your being
And we want out of here
Like a minor trapped in fear
By a pervert in a robe...
It's a death sentence I'm told...

"This is no simple reform. It really is a revolution. Sex and race, because they are easy, visible differences, have been the primary ways of organizing human beings into superior and inferior groups, and into the cheap labor on which this system still depends. We are talking about a society in which there will be no roles other than those chosen, or those earned. We are really talking about humanism."
-Gloria Steinem "Address To The Women Of America"

If we're controlled
Then you're a clown
If they silence me
Well Take them down...
Track Name: Curvy/Sleazy/Classy
please don't let up or be distracted
face the wrath for how you've acted
your coughing has become contagious
please stop now or re write these pages
every line has been sung so clearly
and now your figure seems so eerie

god damn your soul it's just too cheery
It's all in how the singles spark when will these peasants make their mark?
black to red and red to black
as this nightmare keeps on coming back
you kiss his lips and my dream implodes
now I'm burning up like cheap diodes

her look is curvy sleazy classy
but that's what satisfies
and weather I'm lost inside her eyes
or between those sexy thighs
yes once I taste a little sweat
I'll realize that she's no threat
and ill come back...

Burning up like cheap diodes
I'm burning up like cheap diodes

I'm gonna tell if you say so
yes i know something you don't know
an I'm gonna tell if you say so
No lives matter...

* If by some chance you didn't get the humour
look up "Tongue in cheek"
Track Name: Dead Run
wake up now its time for us to run away
we don't know how long this is gonna take
they could be here any minute now
we have got to get up out of this house

and run away!

we don't know how long this will last
could this be a punishment for the sins committed in our past?
lock and load, get yourselves ready
as the dead are coming and now were on the run
so grab your daughters grab your sons
just pray to god we'll make it through the day

running and gunning that's no fun
its easier to spot the dead in the sun
i wish we could dance the night away
but darling you know It's not safe
were being chased by dead men everyday
and it don't matter what those people say
were gonna find our family and our friends
or walk to the ends of the earth until the world ends...
Track Name: Superhero Jizz
When i talk about the weather
I'm talking about conspiracies
I know, you know, they know what's up
but most of the world is just to blind to see
and when i wake up i need a superhero
to put a smile on my face
because I live in this Horrible place

Why cant i be from a world beyond?
magic mother fucker wave me with your magic wand
yes he gave me super powers
but they were super useless

So i left this lousy planet
cause all i got was superhero jizz
fuck this...
Track Name: Your Tongue Is Now A Live Grenade
we're in a dump in skid row central with haptic feedback in the background...
youth gone mild on a keyboard date night
It;s the de evolution of a fist fight

so them youth went mild tonight
having lost their natural high,
yeah we should see smoke pouring out of that van tonight
(but they're pontificating to each other)

youth gone mild on a keyboard date night
with haptic feedback in the background

(Random drunken yelling & Screaming and so forth)

...and that tongue you thought that you were chewing on
turned out to be a live grenade...
Track Name: Ghosts Revisited
In a cold dark house
is where some plasma glows
and no one knows...
these ghosts see your sins
for what they are
merely minor, unsatisfactory sins

Ghost in the hallway, can you help us get away?
or is this the night
we make it out on our own again?

We can feel you're in the room
if you can feel our fear
take our energy
so we can leave this place

Ghosts in the hallway
see our sins for what they are
merely minor, unsatisfactory sins...
Track Name: Mexican Jesus?
Holy shit It's Mabus
don't you know your famous
you can pull that curtain down
and claim your throne
now were waiting here for Jesus Christ
to come and say something nice
but it looks like he's not coming home
to save our souls
Track Name: A Wiring Harness, You And I
Hello, I am lost
I do not know where I am right now
We found a hole
We don't know where it took us
and this happens every time we do it
Every god damn time
I am lost, I love you all...

A wiring harness you and I
And I can't take
A wiring harness you and I
And I can't Take...
This heart of mine will break
A wiring harness you and I...
Track Name: Age Restrictions
She could break bones
with her eyes that lock
she is full of sex and I am just gut rot
I'm a fucking monster and she is Lois Lane...
super hero save her tonight

She is going through a bit of a rough patch
a patch of grass that's not so green anymore
It's a crack inside your T.V. screen
and its like being 25 or 19...

yeah like there's someone out there for me
that lets me have nothing for free
my best friend, or enemy?
we converse perversely

Anywhere you wanna go
I say we start work tomorrow
on finding ourselves a brand new low
I hope we don't have to settle for crow
Track Name: You And The Horse You Rode In On
Well the whole world
Can suck a dick
Because I just don't give a shit
I'd rather cease breathing
Than adhere to
The rules and regulations
They've put forth for you
Man, the whole world can sniff some glue...